Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Miss Cristina Beavers interview

I've known Cristina Beavers for about 7 months, and she has this new blog called babesesh. She be talking about females,freak,drunk women on the streets,fashion,music, all sorts of shit. She is from columbus and when i say she is from there. Im not talking about 5 to 10 mins outside and still repping it. NA NA NA fools she is from the short north. So she knows more than the normal Columbus freak. Thats why i didnt an interview with her and thats why i interviewed her appealing, gorgeous, attractive, enchanting, spectacular, pulchritudinous, comely, easy on the eyes, basically a dime peice, wifey type, five star chick, something you could take to an african american mother. SIKE NA im clowning..but no forreal she is all of that...yerp

AD 1. As a white/italian girl how did u dress when u was a teenager and why? (CB)-When I was young my mom used to dress me in cute little dresses with chuck taylors and cute bows in my head. As I hit middle school I went to a Columbus Public School and everything changed. I thought the urban look was the way to fit in. So I was the white girl who got her hair braided, wore air forces that matched not only my shirts and pants but also my hair ties. Yes, I am proud to say I was a wig girl.

AD 2. I know you seen that movie GOOD HAIR with Chris Rock so i had to ask you, have you ever got weave put in your hair before? (CB)-Of course I have! I get really bored with my hair and sometimes I will randomly get it cut short. Two days later I will be disappointed with my random hair cut and want my hair long. So I go up to Northern Lights at Infinity 99cent store. Buy two packs of 20inch 100% human hair and get that shit sowed in by a hairstylist. To keep my new hair from getting ratty I yes, do wear my multi colored luis vuitton to bed to keep it looking fresh every day!
my multi colored luis vuitton head wrap to bed to keep it looking fresh every day*

AD 3. Would you ever move to Morocco and convert to muslim for taylor, if he was muslim? Hmm convert to Muslim? (CB)-I can't really imagine me ever being muslim or him being muslim and living in morocco since he told me he didn't like that place very much.

AD 4. Where do u see yourself in five years? (CB)-I see myself out of school with a big girl job. FInally having my money right. Hopefully out in Italy or maybe Cali? Who knows. Somewhere not in Ohio in a sweet apartment with a bull mastiff and of course with my man by my side!

AD 5. If you had to take one or two tats off your body which would it be? CB-If I had to remove one I guess it would be the one on my finger (outline of a heart). My mamma always tells me it's a job stopper tatty.

AD 6. If you was going out for a girls night to see gucci mane and waka flocka flame, what would you wear? CB-There would be so many options for this night out. Ideal outfit would be black shiny leggings, 6 inch black heels from BeBe, a hot pink bedazzled bra with one of those lacey black tanks from American Apparel over it. Big wavy hair and really big earrings.

AD 7. Would you try to get on the tour bus? CB-Most girls that would want to get on the tour bus probably are just groupies that want to get laid. If my girls and I got a chance to get on the tour bus I'd probably party with them, take some pictures to show off on twitter and bounce and ask them if I could please be in their next video.. that would be awesome.

AD 8. How do you like most about working at sole classics? CB-I love everything about my job. I'm the only employee, I get to help people find the perfect outfit or sneakers for them, play NBAjam and listen to music all day, it's right in the short north (the most fun area in Columbus), and I have the best boss in the world.

AD 9.Would you rather work at deveroes if they paid you salary and gave taylor 2pairs of air force ones a month? CB-Basically question #8 is the reason why I'd say no to this. Plus Taylor doesn't wear airforces so that would be no goodie.

AD 10. Do you have any last words to all the people that dont know how to dress out in these streets? CB-I could go on and on and on with this question. You know I know it shouldn't matter to me how people dress but when I am trying to enjoy lunch on a patio and I see someone hit, it bothers me. Like you really decided to walk on High Street in midday with pj's on and a pair of crusty flip flops.. but had the time to paint your face? It irritates me. What does that fashion statement even mean? It shows that you have a lazy personality and you just don't care. Stop it. Turn around and change. You had time to put 5 layers of bronzer and tons of eyeliner on and spray tons of cheap perfume.. you for sure had time to put on a pair of jeans and a clean shirt.

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